Parent Information

Parent Information


Horseshoe Day Nursery and Preschool aims to develop effective partnerships with parents in order to enhance the learning and development of the children for whom we care. We respect, value and understand the contribution of the parent to the child’s learning and believe we share with parents a joint interest in, and responsibility for, children’s development and learning. We believe that parents, the nursery team, and other carers such as nannies, babysitters, childminders and the extended family, contribute to building children’s self-esteem and dispositions to learn, although they bring different perspectives and expertise. Children usually feel more confident and positive about themselves and their learning when nursery staff, parents and other carers work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

To help to build these partnerships we communicate extensively with our parents including children’s feedback sheets, questionnaires, newsletters, parent evenings and educational events. Most importantly however the nursery management team and your child’s key worker are available at any time for discussions with parents or other carers.
Parent Nursery Association
We pride ourselves on maintaining positive and effective relationships with parents and carers. The nursery holds regular Parent Nursery Association (PNA) meetings with self nominated parent representatives. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure that all parents have a voice, and that parents feel supported and encouraged to contribute their views and ideas.
Details of the PNA representatives together with copies of the PNA meeting minutes are displayed in the nursery.

Ofsted said:

'The staff work well with parents and carers as the setting provides useful information about the nursery and services they provide. Regular newsletters are issued and parents are able to contribute their thoughts and ideas through the Parent Nursery Association. Annual questionnaires to parents contribute to effective evaluation and areas for further improvement. Parents receive information about their child's care at the end of the day through discussion with staff and communication books. Formal parents evenings provide them with opportunities to discuss children's progress and development.'

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